Touch Typing Deluxe

Touch Typing Deluxe 1.2

Measures and improves the typing speed

Brushes up your typing speed through several lessons that gradually get harder and calculates your typing speed. Includes two modes: "Practice touch typing" and "Free writing".

Touch Typing Deluxe is a great program that shows you how to use your keyboard appropriately. Even if you are a computer expert, you can improve your typing with this program. The program has two options: The first option is "Practice touch typing", which includes different lessons to learn from the basics to the highest level of difficulty. The first lesson shows you the basic position of your hands and fingers. Each color corresponds to one finger. You need to follow the keystrokes indicated on the screen and the program will show your progress including the characters per minute, errors, and concentration curve. You can change the level of difficulty (this will reduce the allowed percentage of error, and will increase the required keystrokes). The second option is the "Free writing", which allows you to enter any text and measures the typing speed. The text introduced here can be exported to other applications. The program also includes a lesson results window that allows you to keep track of your performance.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can select the level of difficulty
  • The "Free writing" option allows you to export the introduced text for other applications


  • Trial version allows you to use only some lessons
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